CEO Serve™ is a boutique consulting division of Prajwal Business Services Pvt. Ltd., which aims to 'enable growth' by supporting CEOs/Entrepreneurs in driving various initiatives to manage & improve business growth.
We provide business Consulting, Outsourcing and Investment advisory services to Startups, SMEs and Growth Companies.
We provide integrated services in all areas of business i.e. Strategy, People, Process, Marketing and sales.
The Directors are former Consultants with Deloitte India.
CEO Serve has a dedicated team of professionals with experience in reputed, Research, Consulting companies. These professionals work closely with businesses in achieving growth plans and implementing the drivers needed for our clients’ growth.

Our Vision, approach and ethical values

Our vision
Our vision is to be perceived as top of mind brand among high value business management consulting and advisory firms to SMEs/ Start-ups and Growth Companies.

Our Approach
We follow a systematic and result driven approach in helping our clients achieve their goals and enable further growth.

Our method invovles:
  • Identifying client’s problem area(s)
  • Meetings with top management to understand company’s long-term growth plans and short-term targets
  • Setting up strategic framework in accordance with plans
  • Identifying departments/areas that require improvement/process changes
  • Developing action plan
  • Establishing criteria for monitoring of results
  • Providing implementation support to execute action plan
  • Support in tracking and sustaining results

Ethics and Values

  • CEO-Serve adheres to high ethical and uncompromising legal standards. We believe that nothing is more important than service to achieve our clients’ business growth, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity.
  • We are trusted to apply our passion, intelligence and skills in meeting our customers’ needs – we encourage our employees to take initiatives and provide best service.
  • Bringing out the best in each other and creating strong, long lasting and success driven working relationships.
  • We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ business information.


  • Our commitment to act in the best interest of our clients with integrity at all times, thus serving CEOs to build better businesses/Start-ups.
  • Our approach is to provide the most valuable solutions and the necessary implementation support that delivers results for our clients.
  • We value the importance of handling our clients’ business, confidential information with ultimate caution.
  • We will strive for continuous improvement in our actions, which will ensure our client’s success, thereby our success.
  • We will achieve our client’s satisfaction by clearly understanding their requirements and providing effective solutions to their business needs.