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IT/eBusiness – Business and Product strategy, talent management and retention and operating efficiency are important success drivers for IT companies. Success of eCommerce businesses depend on value addition, innovation and ability to scale up marketing and operations rapidly.

Companies operating in this sector can be highly profitable or perish depending upon the success factors as mentioned above. Driven largely by people, much of the business growth is determined by people efficiency and practices. We can offer people and HR related support to develop the growth of IT companies. For the eCom companies, we can provide integrated services ranging from Product and Business model development, Market research, through to Branding and Sales strategies.

Strategy –

  • Product development
  • Market Research
  • Business model defining

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales and marketing promotions
  • Brand building

Operations –

  • Business Operations strategy
  • Supply Chain management, Logistics
  • Service delivery quality


  • HR Consulting and Advisory
  • HR Outsourcing