Business Partners

We work on a collaborative basis with companies offering complimentary services in a mutually beneficial manner. Some of our close business associates include:

Kanzen Institute Asia Pacific A global management consulting company, supporting organizations that dares to go beyond lean and towards perfection. KIAP is an organization promoted and led by Dr. S. Gondhalekar (Ph.D. in Kaizen) and Mr. S. Durai Rajan - both seasoned professionals and direct disciples of Japanese Masters. They are experts in continual improvement and problem solving - with years of rich experience in industry and guiding organizations in search of excellence. The unique implementation model is called "Learning by Doing" in which people across various levels of the organization are enabled to inculcate the habit of continual improvement and make it a way of life.

Centre for Organizational Development (COD) COD, located at Hyderabad, aims to enable organizations through research in management and assisting organizations to develop their capability and improving their effectiveness through tailor-made training and developmental programs and providing expert advice to meet the specific needs of the client.

Sagaphire Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Sagaphire is a business management consulting company providing Innovation advisory, Marketing solutions, Business development, Strategy organization, Technology implementation and in-analytics solutions to start up and growing companies.

Divergent Business Advisory Service (DBAS) DBAS is an organization having multi-disciplinary expertise and experience in the areas of accounting and advisory services, internal audit, corporate finance, etc. Has experience in working with small, medium & large enterprises, business conglomerates and multinational companies in a variety of industries like paper and printing, textiles, auto components, petrochemicals, hospitality, metals, cement, consumer goods, insurance, financial services, advertising agencies etc. The service offerings include:

Internal audit: Address concerns in risk management; enhance internal controls, execute business plans and meet governance responsibilities.

Accounting advisory: Offers wide gamut of accounting and related advisory services for companies in different stages (start-up, early stage and mature entities).

Corporate finance: Assistance in raising Debt funds and related banking services and financial management

Business Consulting: Feasibility and viability study, advice on entry strategy for foreign companies setting up operations in India, advice and assistance in formation of entity–partnership firm, limited liability partnerships and company –private or public, assistance in statutory compliances– sales tax, service tax, income tax, assistance in company law and secretarial matters.

Viswanadh Hegde and Company Mr. Sandeep Hegde is a practicing Chartered Accountant with expertise in the areas of management audit, business controls & compliance and legal & secretarial works. Sandeep has over 15 years’ experience with leading audit firms & companies.